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Gender Discrimination

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Gender discrimination in the workplace can be seen in how working positions are primarily not accommodated towards women.

Objective: Successfully adjust positions in a workplace so they are more accommodating for women

Action Plan 1: Enable employees to have a flexible working arrangement.

Action Plan 2: Provide a daycare where working mothers can utilize its services while at work.

Action Plan 3: Allow pregnant women to be accommodated towards at work. This includes having longer breaks when need be and having help lifting heavy ideas

` Outcomes:

Action Plan 1: The outcome for plan 1 would allow women to be able to choose what hours are suitable for them to go to work. This would primarily benefit a working mother. This flexible working arrangement allows changes to hours of work, patterns of work and locations of work.

Action Plan 2: The outcome for action plan 2 is that working mothers would be able to have a place for their children to stay, this will allow more time for them to work, if they wish. The business would benefit from this as they would not have to higher a second employee to do some of the first employees work.

Action Plan 3: The outcome for action plan 3 would allow a reduction of complaints about pregnancy-related work discrimination, which have soared 50% since 2000.

Timeline and Resources:

Action Plan 1: Flexible-working arrangements should be put into effect immediately as even if the employees to not choose to use it, flexible-working arrangements would not cost the business anything as it is just allowing the employees to have a flexible arrangement.

Action Plan 2: Daycare provided by the company could not immediately be put into place as an area would need to be secured, resources purchased and people employed to run the daycare. The employer would also need to determine the number of employees that would choose to use this service.

Action Plan 3: The accommodation towards pregnant women could



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