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Gen X Vs Middle Aged

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Within the workplace, there are different generations of people. This includes Generation X those born between 1964 and 1977, and the middle-aged Baby Boomers. The middle-aged group of workers makes up almost 50% of today's workforce and Generation X represents around 30 percent. The main difference between these two groups of people lies in their motivation and attitude. Generation X is known for their need for immediate fulfillment, while the middle-aged concentrate on purpose and long term goals.

The motivation of the middle-aged comes from their need for stability. Middle-aged workers are used to working hard and reaping the benefits of their work upon retirement. They know their status in the hierarchy of the workplace and learn not to deviate from it. The attitude of those at the peak of their career is all about responsibility. While baby boomers are having families of their own and taking care of their parents, their jobs are becoming more demanding. They are not completely satisfied with their job, yet they find it very difficult to change professions without losing accumulated benefits. As demands increase, they become more and more frustrated; these middle-aged workers realize that their career has become stagnant. They are even willing to give up some of their benefits in order to find more meaningful work. Thus companies lose their best people because the middle-aged simply get tired of dealing with the stress and decide to find more stimulating work elsewhere. However, it is found to be more beneficial to lose an employee that has lost his motivation than to retain that worker.

Generation X has a very different approach to motivation and attitude. They are concerned about the now and immediate future. Generation Xers want their benefits now rather than 30 to 40 years down the road. With that said, they do not necessarily concern themselves with their level of productivity in the long run. Generation X workers



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