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Gay Policy

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In West Jordan, Utah a principle at Copper Hills High School, tried to put in effect a policy where gay couples had to get a permission slip signed from their parents before attending school dances. For 4 days a small group of people protested across the street from the school before having a meeting with the principle, Tom Worlton. These people were subjected to insults, obscene gestured, and snow and egg throwing from passing cars. Afterwards, the Worlton decided to take the policy back and reevaluate it. Worlton stated that he saw the policy as a way to alert the parents of the dangers that their children may face. The parents of the protesters were proud of them for what they were doing and totally supported them in their decision. A decision about the policy is supposed to be decided in time for the upcoming prom.

In my opinion Tom Worlton had no right in the first place to put a policy like that into effect. It's not fair to let other students go to the dances and not have to worry about permission forms, but if someone is gay then they have to worry about it. In my opinion it is discriminatory against all gay people. Schools shouldn't be discriminatory against a certain group of people, they are supposed to just accept all, and they are supposed to teach that same idea too. I don't get how someone could even think to do something like this thinking that it would help out with any problems. This is just encouraging it. By making them have to get permission forms signed they are going to make it more known to the student body about who exactly is gay in their school. Most people who are homosexual don't want the whole world to know, and especially in school they try to keep it under raps because kids in high school are very judgmental, and they know what can happen to them if certain people know. Kids are harsh, that's just how it is, and why a school would do this to people, to "help" I just don't get. It isn't the principles or even the schools place to make it known to the parents of things like this, its the students place to do it when they see fit. If you were a parent would you rather find out that you child is gay by a permission form,



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