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Andrew Niccol's 1997 Gattaca portrays an overtly discriminatory society in the 'not to distant future'. In this society science has become the backbone of life and status and the quality of life is determined solely by a DNA profile. Unfortunely for Vincent Freeman "a faith birth" he is disadvantaged in this society as a result of his genetic imperfections. These imperfections burden him and restrict him with an 'invalid identity'. At one point of the film Vincent says to Irene, "For what it's worth, I'm here to tell you it is possible". Vincent attempts to show Irene and all characters in general that anything is possible. Such a belief comes from his strength of character and is what clearly makes Vincent different from the other characters.

At birth Vincent was 'not all that was promised'. His weakened conditions meant him 'unworthy of his father's name and restricted him with the inability to succeed. Even his parents constantly reminded him of his inabilities. "Let's be realistic...the only way you'll see the inside of a spaceship is if you were cleaning it". After he beats his brother in the second sequence of 'chicken', "It was the one moment in life [Vincent] was not as" From this moment on that Vincent starts believing it takes more than a genetic profile to make things possible. 'As there is no gene for fate'.

For the other characters success was virtually easier to obtain but no means guaranteed.

For Anton a son 'worthy of his father's name', he thought success was guaranteed as he had 'a far cleaner profile'. He was genetically engineered for perfection and was so believing in his own potential. "I bet you I could be one (astronaut) if I wanted". And refers to Vincent, "It's hard to believe he could be one of their elites....he wouldn't have the mental faculty nor the physical stamina". Yet it's this inferior brother, who not only beats him in 'chicken' but in life in general and demonstrates to Anton anything is possible. "How have you done any of this Vincent? I never left anything for the swim back". He shows Anton anything is possible if you're willing to risk everything to reach to the other side.

Juxtaposed with Vincent's imperfections was Jerome's gift. He was 'blessed with all that was required'. Jerome did not suffer from an 'invalid' identity; he suffered from a different burden, the 'burden of perfection'. After he finished second in a swimming race, he realised he wasn't able to live up to these expectations. "As Jerome Morrow's was never meant for one step down on the podium" and restricts himself to a wheel chair. The difference is Vincent refuses to give up, but Jerome did at first sign of failure. Vincent's strength even inspires the great Jerome Morrows in the end." I only lent you my body;



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