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Psychology, as Funder said, is most likely open to questions rather than stating facts. However, Biology and Chemistry rely on facts than to answer questions ( p # 52 ). Most students, including me, are better way off given secure information rather than questionable information. I am not saying that I don't like Psychology, I do, but if I am always open to questions, I may not reach the true answer. In the major that I'm putting myself into, nursing, questions are always open. But knowing and understanding the facts will help me better in general than being self-conscious and trying to know where the facts originated. It will just cost me time, which is really precious in the world today.

Reliability in measurement is hard to achieve ( p # 54 ) . There is just so much variable that it is hard to know the precise measurement. The participant and the experimenter widely affect the outcome of the experiment, the reason why experiments are done overtime and not overnight. Averaging enhances the reliability of measurement. A good example will be in a math class. If there are many answers to a problem, the teacher would want us to find out the average so that the class will agree in a single answer rather than multiple answers. In this way, the class can move on to another topic than arguing what the right answer should be. This is also the main reason, I think, why experiments are done overtime. Since it's rare to get the same outcome, especially if dealing with numbers, in an experiment, scientists are more likely to use averaging to get the estimation. It wouldn't be precise but it's better stable than not.

In recent years, men are the subjects of the experiment. Nowadays, women are getting into their throne ( p # 62 ). Because fewer men participate, the outcome of an experiment most likely describes the behavior tendencies of women. Another mistake made is using college students, men or women, in an experiment. I would suggest that an experiment should be done with random group of people, for men alone, for women alone, and for both. As long as it is an experiment about a group of people, cohort effect and ethnic diversity sure are huge problems. Since religion and culture affects the behavior of a person, it's really hard to determine what most people will act and do in an experiment they were put into. A friend of mine who transferred here in Oregon from Asia told me that she felt embarrassed by how students don't respect the teachers in their class. I asked her, "What do you mean exactly?" She told me that her classmates always interrupt and asked questions while the teacher is in the middle of discussing something; this attitude is known to be disrespectful in their country. They can only ask questions when the teacher asks them or if the teacher finished discussing. The report that she told me gave me



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