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Fundamentals of Business Economics - East Electric

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Essay Preview: Fundamentals of Business Economics - East Electric

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Fundamentals of Business Economics

                    East Electric



1.1The main activity

1.2 Provided services

1.3.Turnover and net profit

1.4. Address

2.Short history

        2.1  Company history

        2.2  Biggest accomplishment


4.Key indicators

        4.1 What kind of business is it?

4.2 Schedule

4.3 Number of employees

5.Challenge (recommandations and solutions)

        5.1 Marketing strategy

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  1. Introduction

1.1. The main activity of the East Electric company is research and development on other natural sciences and engineering.

The main activities of the company are:

  • Bosch Rexroth equipment sales - pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and mechanical linear;
  • Technical advice for Bosch Rexroth products;
  • Balluff equipment sales - sensors and transducers;
  • Technical advice for Balluff products;
  • Designing new systems;
  • Modernization of existing units;
  • Technical assistance in choosing products;
  • Technical assistance warranty and post warranty.

East Electric performs high-tech applications using components from all divisions mentioned above.

1.2. Provided services

Since its establishment, East Electric aimed at providing a wide range of services such as the following:

  • advisory services relating to the integration of Bosch Rexroth equipment in a series of machinery and equipment transfer or process;
  • service design and execution of various equipment, devices and mechanisms;
  • engineering design services;
  • services regarding the elaboration of the automation programs for the devices and equipments that have robotized system incorporated; installing and commissioning services. 

1.3. Turnover and net profit

[pic 1][pic 2]

1.4. Address:   B-dul Basarabia, nr. 256 Sector 3 cod postal 030352 Bucureşti

2.Short History

The mission of East Electric is: „Success in performance and competition”

East Electric Company has over 20 years’ experience in industrial automation on the Romanian market.

2.1. Company history:

  • 1994- The beginning of the collaboration with Bosch Engineering Department of Control and Drive.
  • 1995-The beginning of the collaboration with Bosch Hydraulic department followed by a business partnership with Bosch Automation Technology.
  • 2000-East Electric carries on sales of products of the various divisions of Bosch Rexroth.
  • 2003-The first ISO 9001/2001.
  • 2004-Balluff unique representative in Romania.
  • Since the beginning of Bosch-Rexroth partnership, also Balluff partnership, our company has executed multiple complex applications using products from several divisions for different areas, therefor accumulating over 20 years of experience.
  • 2012-East Electric operates according to ISO 9001/2008.

2.2. Biggest accomplishment:

[pic 3]

3. Departments

Each manufacturing organization chart certainly won't be the same because of the different departments and personnel required for different functions.

The basic organizational structure of a manufacturing company follows the traditional hierarchical organizational structure, consisting of a Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), department heads and then employees. The key functions of a manufacturing company include production, purchasing, marketing, Technical, accounting, and customer service.

This following image contains the organization chart and program assignments for the Manufacturing Office of East Electric Enterprise.

In this moment, East Electric has 51 employees that work in four production divisions.

[pic 4]

4. Key indicators

4.1.What kind of business is it?                                    [pic 5]

  • Coordinating the activity in sales;
  • Aims to achieve the planned objectives;
  • Coordinates the development of its clients;
  • Continuously inform their customers promoting specific products and services;
  • Ensure the quality of service provided;
  • Receives and processes application offers;
  • Respond to beneficiary requests; 
  • Launch orders to suppliers;
  • To increase the number of customers, they will participate in fairs and exhibitions;
  • Recommend any updates on sales plan;
  • Examines the evolution of sales and take action to achieve monthly target;
  • Training clients in the area of responsibility;

4.2. Schedule:

Flexible schedule: min. 8 h / day

Pause: 30 min/day

4.3.Number of employees                                               [pic 6]









5. Challenge (recommendations, solutions to problems)



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