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Essay Preview: Fundamentalism

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Dr. Joyce A. Green wrote this paper to let us understand the origin and objective of fundamentalism and to insure the fact of not raising barriers into liberation.

According to her, culture, religion, nationalism and essentialism are means to fundamentalism. Most of the countries that have been colonized have strong probability to get into fundamentalism cause while they are colonized they get frustrated of losing their traditions & cultures that creates a reversed reaction which leads them to stick to their basic traditions .

At the same time Fundamentalism is a reaction of globalization. Fundamentalist movements have not been immune to external influences; they consider these rapid changes of societies cultures economies & politics as a threat of losing some of their origin principles. The indigenous culture under a colonial regime lives continually anxiously that their own existence is at risk. They are forced to play the role of defending their culture.

The writer warns the dangers of politicized tradition and essentialism when she expressed concern with the potential for human rights abuses through the imposition of traditions.

At the end dr. Joyce concluded her paper with some strategies to prevent the danger caused by fundamentalism. From her point of view the challenge is to retain the political space for resistance to colonialism latent in cultural ethnicity, while avoiding imposing social roles or sexist or racist boundaries for the community. This strategy must avoid denying the existence of hybridity. Recognizing that cultures are evolving and not universal.

I agree with the author when she mentioned that globalization plays a major role by forcing people to defend their culture and make them go to the extreme just to prevent losing their principles and keep their culture as unique as possible.

I disagree with the way she didn’t came across enough the importance of religion in this issue , in my opinion religion plays a major role in motivating people and let then be more fundamentalist. The attacks



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