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Fund Raising Letter

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Dear Dr. Bolton:

AIDS is affecting the whole world. Millions of men, women, and children are being wiped out by AIDS in Africa. Help save a life in an AIDS-affected community. More than 20 million children in Africa have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Become a sponsor through National AIDS Relief Association.

Nena, a young woman in Africa, gets up in the morning and eats breakfast with her three kids. One is already doomed to die in infancy. Her husband works 200 miles away, and comes home twice a year. She goes to work past a house where a teenager lives alone tending to her young siblings without any source of income. On her way to work, a man lies desperately sick without access to a doctor, or clinic, or medicine, or food, or blankets, or even a kind word. At work she eats with colleagues, and every third one is already fatally ill. Nena whispers about a friend who admitted she had the plague and whose neighbors stoned her to death. Her leisure is occupied by the funerals she attends every Saturday. She goes to bed fearing adults her age will not live into their 40’s. Her and her neighbors, and her political and popular leaders, act as if nothing is happening.

Unfortunately, it’s is not an individual case. Two thirds of the women in Sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing the similar tragedies.

According to World Health Organization 2006 annual report, since Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) was discovered in 1981, more than 25 million people have died from it. Currently, there are still more than 40 million people living with AIDS. This deadly disease is affecting the whole world, particularly in Africa where the antiretroviral treatment and care are seriously deficient. In 2005, AIDS claimed an estimated 2.4вЂ"3.3 million lives, of which more than 570,000 were children. A third of these deaths are occurring in sub-Saharan Africa.

This is a human tragedy in a large scale, but these lives can be saved. After years of research, new medication and technology have been available for preventing and treating AIDS. However, statistics have indicate only 1% of Africans have been tested for AIDS and less than 1% of the AIDS carriers are being treated with anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs).

Without the necessary treatment and correct prevention, the disease is spreading in their home; people are dying from this disease; babies are infected. The low economic growth and lack of medication supplies have limited their actions against AIDS. In contrast, we are living in economic wealth and have advance medical facilities. We have the power to change their lives.

Here, we need your help to put a stop on this inhumanity.




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