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Full Monty

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Full Monty

Full Monty is a film which women fulfill their fantasies. Film is talking about a fantasy world where women are power holders and men are objects. Film is based on the idea that after hundred years of industrial reform, which was started on United Kingdom, modernized factories and high technology machines make blue-collar workers unemployed. Those unemployed Englishmen who are losing their power and becoming weak to women are trying to survive by strip teasing. Gaz, our main character should pay his wife to see his kid. Closed steel plants made Gaz and his friend unemployed. Machines took their place. They should fin something in order to survive. Their survival is to re-evaluation of their places in society.

In order to shape a new world definition, Feminist thought is making new fantasies everyday but as everyone knows it is hard to change the world order. I believe that in the Twenty-second century women will have more power, power of money and social power. It will not be power of women on men. Men will never be objects. Nowadays some women have jobs and men have not. But this does not change the world other way around. In the film a friend of Gaz says " Few more years and men will not exist." In my opinion, this is a sentence that some women want to hear. In a free market people use their resources to produce what others want. Producers of Full Monty saw that there is a demand for a film where men are considered as objects. Whether the have jobs or not men will always be men. The film is not completely different from now. A man in the film states "My wife is out there spending with fucking MasterCard." This man wants to find a men's job to work, but there is no jobs available for his skills. In today's world Men are in power women, who are said to be weak, are still spending with "fucking" MasterCard or Visa.

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