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"From The Perspective Of An Outsider, The Only

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Essay Preview: "From The Perspective Of An Outsider, The Only

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"From the perspective of an outsider, the only

interesting families are the dysfunctional ones."

My family embodies the definition of dysfunctional, which is why I believe this quote is extremely accurate. This makes me question, what is dysfunctional? What is functional? One may say their family is dysfunctional due to the absence of a parent. Another could explain their family as being dysfunctional because they don't know how to coexist with each other. Although my definition of dysfunctional includes both of those scenarios, I look to find a deeper reason and more detailed explanation for why dysfunctional is so appealing. I will refer to two resources that will help explain why dysfunctional families are so interesting. The book A Child Called It portrays a young boys struggle to survive. This book is a prime portrayer of a dysfunctional family; through all of the gruesome details and absurd stories you still can not help yourself but to turn the page. I also will refer to the media and how it strives off the concept of a dysfunctional family and uses that tool to get better ratings and more viewers.

The book A Child called it started out as another book I had to read for another class. Due to the controversy and rumors I heard about the book I was apprehensive at first but once I read a few pages, I could not put the book down. I had to stop myself at 4 o'clock in the morning, and put myself to bed. The whole next day I couldn't stop thinking about this poor little boy. I ask myself why I couldn't stop thinking about this boy. I was so wrapped up in his life and his story that I just wanted to keep reading. Although this book was disturbing to me, I would recommend everyone to read it. My point here is as much as you want to look away you still want to know what happens. It is interesting to see what other go through and experience. It makes you feel not so alone in the world, knowing that others have had family issues also.

The media plays a huge part in the glamorization of dysfunctional families. All the talk shows and reality TV shows do a wonderful job of sucking the viewer into the twisted life of the family. For example if the "Brady Bunch" were on a reality show, it wouldn't be entertaining; frankly it would be boring. People want to see drama, and the variety of emotions that pour out during these shows. Plain Jane and her family matters are not making the cut, as compared to the guests that appear on Maury,



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