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"From Poppa" - Book Walk

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Essay Preview: "From Poppa" - Book Walk

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Picture Walk

from Poppa

written by

Anne Carter

Illustrated by

Kasia Charko

Reviewing Students:

Alexander , Age 9, Grade 4

Spencer , Age 7, Grade 1

Emily and Lauren Keats, Age 4, Junior Kindergarten


Because of their age I treated Emily and Lauren as if they were one student. They are fraternal twin sisters.

1st Student, Alexander


Q: Tell me what you think this story is about by looking at the cover?

A: No idea.

Q: Whom do you see?

A: A Poppa and granddaughter walking to a house on a snowy day.

Q: How do they look?

A: he proceeds to give a physical description

Q: What about her face?

A: smiling

Q: Why is she smiling?

A: poppa came home

Title Page

Q: What do you see?

A: less snow

Q: What time of year is it?

A: Spring. The trees are just starting to get their leaves. I see a house and geese. The sky is very cloudy. It looks windy.

Page 1-2

Q: What do you see?

A: Poppa and the girl are wondering what to do. The girl looks cold because she is folding her arms. The leaves are blowing and they are different colours so it must be fall. (He previously said that he thought it was spring. The correct season is late fall.)

Q: Why is a picture of a rake shown?

A: It's a clue to the reader that it is fall.

Page 3-4

Q: Tell me what you see?

A: They are eating breakfast and pancakes. It's windy outside. The girl is talking to her grandfather. She is pointing outside so she might be talking about the outdoors.

Q: What else do you see?

A: There are some ducks on a shelf and there are skates hanging up.

Page 5-6

Q: Tell me what you see on these pages?

A: I see some wood and an axe. It looks like they took the skates down and went skating. Now it's winter and it's still day.

Q: Is it a happy scene?

A: It is a happy scene because the little girl and the Poppa are holding hands and skating gracefully. (He actually used the word gracefully. I was so proud.)

Page 6-7

Q: So what can we see on this page/

A: It shows ducks on a shelf again. They are ice fishing. She is holding 2 fish that she caught. Poppa is in a hut. In the background are other ice fishing huts. The sky has turned a little more pink than the last page.

Q: What do you think the story is about so far?

Poppa and the granddaughter are playing through the seasons. They are having fun together.

Page 8-9

Q: So what can you se on these pages?

A: It looks like Poppa has carved something with a carving knife. He whittled something. Now the ducks I saw on the other page, I know they were carved by him. The girl looks like she is plugging her ears but I think she is saying, "You did such a great job!" They are in a workshop. There are a lot of carving knives and pieces of lumber and paint. He might be a carpenter or it could be his hobby.

Page 10-11

Q: So, tell me what's going on here?

A: Grandfather is teaching the girl to carve. He is getting her some paints to paint it.

Q: How does she feel?

A: She looks happy to do this. She looks impressed with herself.

Page 12-13

Q: What's going on in the story now?

A: She is almost done painting the duck.

Q: Tell me about the expression on her face?

A: She is saying "Oh no! I made a mistake" Because it looks like there is paint dripping from the ducks face. (In fact, what Alexander thinks is a paint drip is the natural shape of this particular ducks bill. The look on her face is one of happy surprise at how good her almost-finished decoy looks)

Page 14-15

Q: Tell me about this page/

A: The duck is finished and it's a Wood Duck (a breed not a description of the material it's constructed from). I can tell it's a Wood Duck. I can tell by how the head is formed and the colours of it. On the duck it says, "From Poppa" so Poppa must have given the duck to his grand daughter. She looks like an Elizabeth or an Emily. I can't tell.

Page 16-17

Q: Where are they going?

A: Maybe to the lake or on a nature walk. The girl has the duck.

Q: What's the weather like?

A: It's really windy. There are coloured leaves so it must be fall.

Page 18-19

Q: What can we tall



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