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French Revolution...Romanticized

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The French Revolution began because of some long term and short term problems. For years the French society was divided into three different estates. The third estate was by far the largest and consisted mainly of commoners. They felt they were not represented enough because of the fact that the first and second estates, who together were smaller than them, would always out vote them. When the king refused to change this, the third estate decided to create their own constitution. When the king decided to use force against them the French Revolution began. Because of different peoples' views the French Revolution has been greatly romanticized. Due to the public beheadings, the third estate became fanatic with executing anyone who opposed their view on the revolution. Because of the numerous beheadings and other things the British did not like, the British viewed the French Revolution as barbaric.

The third estate was made up mainly of commoners and was nearly eighty percent of France's population. Yet the third estate only had one-third of the vote at the Estates-General meeting. This was their major reason for the French Revolution just as representation was the cause of the American Revolution, but the French Revolution was far more complex, more violent, and more radical. The third estate took action by dismantling the Bastille; they also proceeded to execute nobility. Due to the fact that the executions were held publicly the viewers became obsessed. They started to accuse people, such as servants, of supporting the nobility and having them executed just for the sake of entertainment. They became infatuated with executions and that is why the French Revolution has been considered romanticized by the French citizens.

The British hated everything that the French Revolution stood for. The fact that the French helped the English colonies did not help the way that the British viewed France. The British took



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