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Franklin And Emerson

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Men from completely different backgrounds can turn out to have the same worldviews as each other. While Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin were very focused on their writings, Franklin also liked inventing things and taking part in political affairs. Although Franklin chose to be an apprentice to his brother, Edwards decided to attend college, and graduated from Yale in 1720. Aside from these differences, they had many things in common. Although Franklin and Edwards stand apart in a few aspects of life, they have many philosophies and life goals that they share.

Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards were both very disciplined individuals. When Edwards entered Yale at the age of 13, he maintained a very disciplined schedule and awoke every morning at 4:00 a.m., studied for thirteen hours and then took a walk. Thirteen hours of studying is extreme discipline. Evidence of Franklins discipline is shown through his thirteen virtues. He came up with thirteen ideas, of which to live each day by. He intended to follow them everyday and said, "My intention being to acquire the habitude of all these virtues" (Franklin). This statement proves he intended to follow them every day and make them habitual. They were very strict and he abided by them for some time but they eventually became very tough for him. Even though he did not follow these virtues for a long time, it still shows his intent of discipline. In addition to his virtues, Franklin taught himself several languages. It is very difficult to teach something to ones self, but with enough discipline it can be done. Edwards showed discipline and patience when he tried to convert his congregation to Christians who were moved by their belief. He was eventually dismissed from his church, but it required discipline to attempt this. To top Edwards's attempt at conversion, Franklin started his own business. This would require tremendous discipline and knowledge to start a business, and Franklin did just that. Edwards and Franklin both did some incredible things that proved their discipline.

Both, Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin, had a large significance on the lives of others. Jonathan Edwards's main influence on people came when he was a major leader of the Great Awakening. He led



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