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Four Seasons Case Study

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Challenge: To preserve the soul of the legendary Geroge V Hotel while rebuilding it for contemporary travelers. Also, to enter the French market but keep the Four Seasons reputation.


To become a "French Employer" and localize the hotel


* Work someone more during peak hrs and less during a lull

* Polychronic culture-value human relationships

* Unions in France were easy to deal with


* High taxes compared to other European countries

* Must document everything if want to terminate someone

* Big cultural adjustment

To run the hotel with the "Four Season Standards"


* S-E-R-V-I-C-E

* Monochromic culture-schedule based

* It is successful in most other places

* Wants to be different not just french


* Its not localized

* New Chef not Four seasons standard

* Employees are used to working in France so difference in cultures

Solution: I think the hotel should be run the "Four Seasons Way" with a little French touch.

Execution: Although you cannot hire new employees you must train the employees extensively to the four season's standards. We are already bringing in some French culture by locating



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