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Fmc Green River Difference Fmc Aberdeen

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February 24, 2008

Prof: Robert Fiermote

Women Liberation

The rational process, identify and define the problem which is the realization that there is a discrepancy between a desired state and actual situation. The irrational

Woman has been apart of slavery for years. During the American Revolution is when they decided to take charge of their lives, and this was due to the absence or death of their spouse or father’s during the wars. Every time there is a war, more women become liberated. Taking charge during the war raised few issues of women’s rights and schooling.

The women’s liberation movement, its origins, structures and Ideas, in the nineteen twenties, was a beginning for the premature death of feminism within the United States. (Jo Freeman, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago) These feminists wanted the tool, the vote, in order to make this an equal place for all women in this society. The first stage of new life came with the establishment of the Commission on the Status of Women by President Kennedy in 1961, which reported through documentation women second class status. During this movement, the number of women becoming liberal in the workforce was increasing, even though positions within it were demolishing.

Most women have been greatly deprived of well though out communication and have been kept secluded in their homes, relating more to men than to each other. This shows that the natural structures are still largely lacking, although they have begun to start developing.

Women jobs started out as being in the house, cleaning, cooking, being bare feet and pregnant. Men have controlled woman communication, the figure of the sexually availability and told when to speak. Women were there man’s prostitute, courtesan, and call girl. No matter what the fascination was, men would find a woman that was sexually available as a social reality, or as a male fantasy figure. In the male mind, conditioned by male social desiderata, the stereotype of the promiscuous provide a standard of comparison of all women, so tat a specific woman is judged against this standard as either good or bad.(Julia Stanley, “The Prostitute: Paradigmatic Woman”, 1977,)

Most of the women today make a decision on weather they have sex or not, they are not permissive to their husband at all times. Women are judge as admirable or not, depending on her sexual availability to men. For instance, some women have no choice to be prostituted, some husbands or boyfriend become their woman’s pimp. But, if a man porosities a woman and she accept, she is label as eye candy, a mistress or wife, a booty call or a lady of the night. The men have a variety o phase that is used for there sexual terminology. These stereotyping has locked women into a different mindset, where we see ourselves sexually through the male eyes. But we are not available to man. Therefore a sexual promiscuous woman, the prostitute, makes it easy for the society to keep women in their place, due to the terror of being called a slut or easy lay. This acknowledge is a




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