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Flowers For Algernon

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The Algernon-Gordon effect

By: Dr. Harry Nemur.

After a great and detailed study of the many different and diverse fields of neurophysiology it is accurate to claim that I am experienced to a high extent, perhaps the most educated and experienced of this time, in:

* The knowledge of the elements, chemicals, and treatments that affect the human brain.

* The diagnosis of diseases pertaining to the human brain.

* The anatomy of the human nervous system.

Yes, my colleagues and my self have unveiled numerous pivotal facts that further aid the research of these areas. It is true that my prestige is very renowned throughout the world of neurophysiology. It is for all of these reasons that I came upon one notion that would lead to our most infamous experiment that we would ever conceive. This experiment was intended to physically enhance the neurological activity of proteins and chemicals that limit intelligence in the human brain by using a variation of enzymes and amino acids to attempt to create a stimulus that would increase intellectual activity. This experiment, however, would not be applied to a human initially, but to a mouse, in which we would give the brain surgery to after final inspections of the chemicals that we would apply to the mouse's brain. After the surgery was complete, the mouse demonstrated no sign of increased intelligence, but in time, the mouse could solve complex mazes, and eventually learn to recognize mathematical characters and the English alphabet. When I my self examined the mouse's treated brain by means of CAT-scanning technology, I discovered that the mouse, in which we named Algernon, had a brain that was creating new nervous tissue rapidly with the treatment that we gave to it. After complying with my colleague, Dr. Strauss, an expert in the field of psychology, I made an alarming discovery about the treatment that I gave to the mouse.

It is necessary to say that Dr. Strauss applied the same treatment that I gave to Algernon to a man named Charlie Gordon, who experienced a mental handicap that limited his intelligence before the operation. It is true that Charlie Gordon



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