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Promt sheet for the males

1. Have you ever come across the term ÐŽ§the new manЎЁ? no

2. If yes, could you define ÐŽ§the new manЎЁ? --------

3. What characteristics does ÐŽ§the new manЎЁ have? Being able to explore into stuffÐŽK I dnt kno

4. Do you participate with domestic tasks within the home? ...if yes, which ones? no

5. Do you tend to show your emotions in front of others? no

6. Do you have a close friend who you always go to for advice? If yes, then is this friend male or female? female

7. What would you say you spend a lot of you money on? clothes

8. Which stores do you shop in most? Topman , next etc

9. Does branding play a big part when shopping? yes

10. Do you own any pink clothing? no

11. What is your opinion of men wearing clothes which are pink? They re gay !!

12. If you were to marry, would you want youÐŽ¦re wife to be like the traditional housewives, or would you want your wife to be working? Traditional housewife

13. Do you think in todayÐŽ¦s society, retributive men have been replaced by the new man, or do you believe that retributive men still remain and are highly dominant? Please explain your answer.

Retributive men are dominant dependent

on race and culture because in some cultures men are always going to breadwinnersÐŽK



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