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Financial Accounting

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Printing versus electronic, in this situation I believe that both has its advantages. But I believed that electronic is the best new way due to the fact that we lived in a cyberspace world. Almost everything that we do nowadays involves the internet.

In today fast pace world, publishing is moving rapidly into the digital age. However, the transition has just started, many players are reluctant participants, and neither the final shape of the industry nor the path there is clear.

Till very recent times, there were many publishers, librarians, and scholars who thought that electronic publishing was just a passing fad. There was much muttering about how ``the true hidden costs of the Internet`` would show up and strangle new electronic publications.

Such allegations are mostly gone, as it has become apparent that the Internet is here to stay and grow for reasons much more compelling than scholarly communications, and that its costs are not high and are dropping rapidly. It may well be true that the Internet is about to suffer a catastrophic collapse, as Bob Metcalfe and others have been predicting, and that new charging schemes may have to be introduced to provide better service. However, that would only be a temporary glitch in the evolution of the digital world.

Today we can scan a printed book into electronic form, then distribute it over the phone in minutes to hundreds of people at pennies a copy. Further,we can produce books electronically without ever committing them to paper. Finally, we can augment electronic books to include sound and motion pictures, and automatic cross-referencing. Electronic books can be easier to distribute, less expensive, less risky, more powerful, more flexible, more immediate, and easier to search and collate. They can also be interactive, changeable, and adaptive.

For these reasons, electronic books will become a large part of the book market within the decade. And that will make it harder for publishers



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