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During its years of existence, The United States of America had seen 42 presidents governing its citizens and created policies, amendment and laws which they have lived by. But in 1933, a man with views and a character different than his predecessors won the trust of millions of Americans who at one point had no hopes, and a future seemed unclear. His name was Franklin D. Roosevelt, a man whose willingness to build the economy of his country as the most powerful nation, brought admiration not only among his fellow American citizens, but the rest of the world's.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on 1882 in Hyde Park, NY. Campobello, the Canadian Island which lies between Maine and Nova Scotia in the Bay of Fundy was the playground of F.D.R.'s early years. In Campobello is where FDR met his future wife Eleanor at the age of 19. (1)

Soon, after he graduated from Harvard University, FDR was elected for the New York State Legislature (1). This is the point that marked him as a successful politician with great leadership skills that would go beyond his own thoughts.

The crash of the stock market in 1929 brought a great depression to most Americans who at one point were living comfortable with not economical worries. Now these same Americans had lost most of their financial investments during the stock market crash and the help from the government seemed very distant. President Hoover seemed indifferent toward the economical issues of the American people. The public, not only got tired of President Hoover's unrealistic solutions, but they also wanted a new leader, someone who would take them out of the depression.

FDR's proposals during his campaign were not so clear, but the American people who thought that Hoover was not taking them anywhere, gave FDR the seat of the White House in 1932. (2)

On inauguration day in 1933, Admiral Grayson reported to the White House that the weather was the worst any President had had since Taft in 1909. Franklin Roosevelt peered out



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