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Fathers Of Rock And Roll

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The Fathers of Rock and Roll in The Seventies

Often referred to as the Beatles of the seventies, Led Zeppelin was a legendary rock band that excelled through a sound that the rock world had never heard before.

The powerful combination of band members, and musical and sound innovations, are important points, which make this band so historically important. The revolution that set Led Zeppelin apart from other bands was their emphasis on mood and attitude, rather than the music itself. Overall, Led Zeppelin is an exemplary band who pioneered a new sound of rock, that changed the world forever.

Led Zeppelin posed a quadruple threat in the music industry because of its four sold and talented band members. The members consisted of the famous guitarist Jimmy Page, dark vocalist Robert Plant, drummer John Bonham, and bass and keyboard player, John Paul Jones. This powerful and innovative combination was the perfect formula for a full rock and roll explosion. Vocalist Robert Plant infused his raspy voice, adding interjections and other vocal sounds that all added to the mystical sound of the band. Backing Plant was Jimmy Page, who was already known from his guitar playing talents with The Yard Birds, was one of the key elements to Led Zeppelin. Page used and experimented with many guitars, sounds, and recording devices such as, bow playing technique, feedback devices, and the fuzz and slide guitars (Wikipedia). Page's famous creativity for mixing guitars was immpossible to surmount to; it surpassed the highest levels of talent. The other band members, Jones and Bonham, added numerous instumental parts that accentuated Led Zeppelin's stylistic message. In summary, the talents and ingenuity of these four men is what made Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin did not just exist in the seventies music era, they also started the seventies music era. The musical and sound innovations Led Zeppelin created is just another example of why they were so important to the history of music. Their first record, released in 1968, marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The record consisted of hard, heavy, dark and depressing sounds on one side, and bombastic, showy and professional on the other. The band primarily defined the hard rock and heavy metal genre's in the music industry. Led Zeppelin was also known to create complex arrangements and mystical lyrics, that could easily compete with the creativity of other bands such as Pink Floyd. One of their



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