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Fate is something that you believe in, whether it was pre-planned for you or you make it yourself, either way you have to believe in it. In my own opinion it is pre-planned out for you to an extent. I think that your fate can be changed by the decisions that you make throughout your life. In “The Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass” it speaks about the faith that Frederick has to have in himself to survive Mr. Covey, an example from the book is, “Mr. Covey seemed now to think he had me, and could do what he pleased;-but at this moment-from whence came the spirit I don’t know-I resolved to fight; and, suiting my action to the resolution, I seized Covey hard by the throat; and as I did so, I rose.

Frederick Douglass’s fate is a very good example of that. In the “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” explains about Frederick Douglass’s hardships while being a slave. I think that it was his fate to become a slave, because he stood up to his вЂ?master’ and showed him that he was a strong person and a real person, not just someone that could be pushed around. I think that fate is something that can be changed throughout a life time, Frederick was a fighter and made sure he got the respect that he deserved from his вЂ?master.’ Your born with a birth date and also with the date of your death, I think that it is all pre-planned out, but can be altered as time goes on. We as people control our own life, our fate is pre-planned out and it is up to us to decide when it will all fall into place.

A soldier drafted into the Civil War has a hole different type of fate that we need to think about. They were put on this earth to fight for there country, and at the time it may not seem fare, but in the end no matter what happens the soldier will always come out a hero. Some may seem that a soldier being drafted to the Civil War would be one of the worst things to ever happen. But if you really think about it, it is a good thing. If we did not have brave men and women to go and fight for our country in the Civil War, we would not be as strong of a country as we are today. I think that if a soldier was meant to die in the Civil War, they would have, and they would have died a hero honoring there own country. And if the soldier did not die, then they came back home and had to live with the thoughts of seeing there good friends die, which in the end, can be even worse. In the story, “A Mystery of Heroism” Collins, a solider, asked if he could go and get water from across the battle field



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