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Family System Theory

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Family System Theory

After reviewing each theory the best theory for my personal model of helping is family system theory. I like how the family system theory is not just one theory, but the family system theory involves a variety of other theories into one to help families such as; self-perception theory, control theory, equity theory, escape theory, filter theory, personal construct theory, regret theory, and expectant theory. I have always loved to help people out in life and believe the family system theory is the most suitable for my personal feelings and beliefs in having a strong bond between families. I believe a family should have a strong bond with each other because they are blood and should be able to work together in making the most of life. Families should be able to communicate freely with each other in order to solve conflict or just have someone they can talk with. Families are the people who stick by each other’s sides in tough situation and should support each other even if someone does not agree with what is going on. Families should be able to express themselves to each other without feeling ashamed of what they believe in. Each family has an important impact on the rest of the family and the children involved. If a family does not have the proper communication, love, and respect for each other he or she is showing a negative bond in family interaction.

When someone hears the words family and therapy together people think the worst, but in reality the family system theory is assistance in growing the bond between family members at tough times in life. No one is perfect and every family has some sort of problems which could be caused by many of things which has an impact on everyone. With a little guidance in overcoming and the help of a therapist the family will be able to get back on track and move on with life by getting over the hurting which a situation or family members could be causing the family. Therapists will first look at the family background to find out why this hurt is happening to the family and be able to start guide the family in the right direction to help. Change is hard for anyone to adapt to, but in time the change is able to take effect and everyone will be able to live a happier more prosperous life. I believe if a family is unable to solve problems with each other then they should look into receive some guidance and attend family therapy sessions. Many of people lack the communication and are scared to hurt family member’s feelings.

Family system theory is designed to help everyone of the family to overcome these emotions, even if the problem is not affecting each member. “Family system theory can help patch strained relationships, teach new coping skills and expand how your family works as one” (Mayoclinic, 2007). Family system theory will help each member to learn how to open up and express what is going on and understand why they believe this way. Once the feelings are out on the table everyone will be able to understand them and learn how to make it past these feelings and look at what the future holds. I believe if each member can express what they feel the bond between the families will grow stronger and everyone will be able to understand each other and live at ease knowing they are not causing pain and anger amongst each other. Everyone has friends, but a family is forever and no matter what happen they will support each other.

When a family decided to attend family therapy normally the family will see the same therapist every time. When the consistency of seeing the same individual is done the family is able to build a trust with this person whom in turns helps each member to be able to feel comfortable and open up about feelings. The sessions are normally an hour long once a week for 6 months, depending on the severity of the problem (mayoclinic, 2007). Every member of the family must attend the sessions in order for each member to be on the same page and understand what is going on and be able to build the bond. Sometimes more therapy for family members is required so the therapist will suggest individual therapy. According to Heras (N.D.), “Families are an expressive system or an emotional component which means that family members are emotionally co-dependent and function in mutual relationships with one another.” I believe some members of a family are afraid to express feeling openly and individual therapy should be considered until the person is comfortable and out of the fear levels to open up. The process is slow, but in time the change in each member will be the most rewarding thing for everyone.

When speaking of family system theory has many of strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses for a family is some family member are not able to openly to express feelings and thoughts in front of family member which in turn would lead to a strength of the family system theory because individual



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