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Essay Preview: Existentialism

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Day by day, many people wonder how much their lives are truly worth. They question their existence and even the significance of life in general. To me, life has so much meaning to it than anyone can explain in words; there’s more to life than just to live and breathe. Life is everything you are. There are numerous reasons for my being, or else I would not have the strength to carry on each day. My family, friends, hobbies and interests are everything that I love, and I am obligated to help keep those people and things at their finest. I am enforced to live for my many different motivations.

No one in this world can create a concrete definition, which everyone truly agrees on, of what the life, as an entirety, is. I believe that life is basically everything that you know and everything that you’ve become. You are defined by the things that you do, the people that you encounter, and even the minute, everyday tasks that you perform. Reality is something that you are living and cannot overcome. There are new situations and new events that you come across every day, and you learn to work through all those difficult trials and to enjoy those times of happiness. Life is about learning to deal with the various situations in order to survive and experience a fulfilling and enduring life.

In order to live, I have to put forth much effort. Doing the simplest tasks, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, help me to live an extra day with the people that I love. I exist because I play an important role in my family and my best friends’ lives, supporting them in everything that they do and everything that they believe in. I am defined by the few things that I love in the world, and that is my family, my best friends, and volleyball. All of my knowledge about “how to survive among the fittest” was given to me by my family, my friends, and playing volleyball. You may be thinking, “Oh, of course she’s going to say that her family and friends are her life”; But as clichÐ"©d as that may sound, I basically learned all of my life lessons through at least one, if not all, of those three categories.

The perpetual love and support I obtain from the people and things that I love makes me feel as though I am required to give something back to them. In reality, I am not required to give anything back to them. Not one person in this world is obligated to do anything, and not one person is forced to eat or to breathe. Each person has their own choice to exist, and I choose to live.



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