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Origin &Meaning:

Most would say that the first ever re-enactment of the Eucharist was the Last Supper, but the truth is that, the first time a similar occasion occurred to the Eucharist dates way back into the time of Moses. The celebration of the traditional Passover meal is commemorated by Jews. This is where they remember the hardships of their ancestors’ slavery in Egypt. Most elements of the Passover meal can also be seen in the Eucharistic feast and therefore a fairly common connection is often made between the two significant meals. It is said that the celebration of the Last Supper was also the celebration of the Passover except instead of using a lamb as their sacrifice; Jesus sacrificed his own body and blood. This is why we perceive the Eucharist as a sacrificial meal, since Jesus knew what kind of hardships we would have to face if he did not give up his life, he made the decision to do what the scriptures had set for him to do and as we all know because of Jesus’ sorrowful death all of our sins were therefore forgiven enabling us to live an eternal life. Not only is it a sacrificial meal it is also a memorial meal. Through Holy Communion we remember our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection as well as the promise which we are given of eternal life. By taking part in the Eucharist it is as if we are part in one of the most distinct event in the Catholic faith, which is of course no other than the Last Supper. This was where Jesus taught his disciples how to spread the good news of God by sharing a common meal amongst each other. You see the Eucharist is very much similar to the Last Supper, the way the priest blesses the bread and wine is exactly the same way Jesus blessed the wine and unleavened bread at the Last Supper. The origin of the Eucharist is no less important than its future, this sacred meal for Catholics should remain sacred and the only way which it can remain sacred is that if its believers continue to commemorate and participate in the celebration.

Significance of the Eucharist for Catholics:

The Eucharist is the source and summit of all Catholic believers; it is a way in which we, children of God can communicate to our divine Father. When Christians celebrate the Sacrament of the Eucharist, they gather as a community to remember



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