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Ethics, Program Specific Assignment, Essay Step Two

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Essay Preview: Ethics, Program Specific Assignment, Essay Step Two

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Ethics, Program Specific Assignment, Essay Step Two

Due Tuesday, April 7th/Wednesday, April 8th

The purpose of this paper is to have you analyze an ethical issue in your field of study.  It is, in other words, “a program specific assignment.”  You must complete this paper in order to pass this course and ultimately in order to graduate.

Final paper: Due Tuesday, April 28th/Wednesday, April 29th 

1.  The paper is an argumentative essay that analyzes an ethical issue.  

2.  Your paper must apply at least two ethical theories to the topic at hand.

3.  Your paper ought to be critical in the sense that it shows that you are capable of ethical reasoning (i.e., of reflecting on the topic, of reflecting on the theories).


Your outline should clearly state the ethical issue that you are to be examining. Use your paper proposal as a rough introduction.  

In this step, you will need to

  1. Briefly define TWO ethical theories that you will be using to analyze the issue you have chosen;
  2. Apply the two theories to your issues;
  3. Critically assess the theories as they apply to your issue. Does the theory offer support for your position? If so, how? If not, why not?  

The assignment: Fill out the following worksheet.  Please type and print it out!  This will form the basis of your introduction for your outline and for your final paper.  Also include a properly formatted APA bibliography, listing the sources you consulted (at least five).  


Ethics, Program Specific Assignment, Essay Step Two

Name:  Richie Phok

Program:  Commerce

Description of ethical issue (Can be cut/paste from paper proposal):

My ethical issue is about the employment of illegal immigrants in the United States. “The American Dream” characterizes the wishes of every immigrant who believe in a better life in America. Over the last century, many have applied for permanent resident visa, but the country only accepts a limited amount of immigrants every year. Without a doubt, the number of application is greater than the number of acceptance which causes illegal immigration. More precisely, I will examine the effects of illegal immigration in the field of work. Should the employer hire someone knowing that he or she is an illegal immigrant or should the employer report the immigrant to the US government? Also, is it acceptable if the employer pays a lower wage to an illegal immigrant knowing that he won’t report the injustice to the government? I truly think that the employer is allowed to pay the illegal immigrant a lower wage as long as both employer and employees accept it.


Brief definition of ethical theory #1 (with proper in-text citation (Author, page #):

I will use the utilitarian theory to support my opinion on illegal immigrations in America. First, the utilitarian theory emphasizes a lot of on the consequences of every action (Giersson, Holmgren, 85). It is important to mention that this theory want to maximize the greatest happiness for the greatest among of people (Braiden, 1). It is also important to mention that the utilitarian theory take into account that everyone is treated equally.

Application of ethical theory #1 to the ethical issue  

By applying the utilitarian theory on the ethical issue of hiring illegal immigrants, employers should hire illegal immigrants without having to report them to the government. Every illegal immigrant escape their native land with the purpose of living a better life in the United States of America. Most of them aren’t safe in their native country and fear for their life. By hiring them, the employers allow them live their “American Dream” and to have a certain income in order to survive. Children from illegal immigrants will also benefit from a better education in the United States than in their native country.

For the employers, this will also be beneficial for their businesses because they will have more employees willing to work at a lower wage. Also, a lot of illegal immigrants work in the field of agriculture which isn’t popular in United States. According to the Voice of America, only three people out of thousands of inquiries accepted to work in farms. There is an important shortage of labor in this industry and the work is being done by illegal immigrants which is advantages for both sides.

Critical evaluation of ethical theory (does the theory support your positon?)



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