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Ethics In Business

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Ethics Case Essay

If this were my company, I would be faced with a situation in which many ethical issues would come into play. Certainly I am faced with a very difficult scenario in which my own personal well-being, as well as that of several involved parties, is at stake. In analyzing this situation and finding an active solution, several factors must be evaluated and scrutinized in order to find the best-case outcome.

As the owner of a start-up company which produces a good in which I believe in very strongly, my primary concern is to preserve my company’s future in order to allow my product to do the wonderful things which I believe it is capable of. My first plan of action would be to have a team meeting with all of my employees and give them all of the information I know. As the leader of a team, I feel it would be important for all of my employees to be aware of the situation so that they could give any feedback and possible suggestions, and so that they are aware of potential risks that I might be taking which could effect our company’s future.

My next concern is of course the status with my client. As indicated, this sale could make or break this company. It would be easy for me to send the product to my client and just hope for the best with the regulatory hurdles. As an entrepreneur, it might seem like a reasonable decision to accept the risk of such a scenario. However, I realize that such a risk, albeit very small, is both unethical and could yield disastrous results. As an alternative solution, I would have to discuss with my client the scenario our company has found itself in. I would inform him that he was mislead into believing the regulatory hurdle was no longer a factor by an employee who has since been released from our company. I would have to count on this client responding positively to my honesty, and this



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