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Ethics Case

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Describe the characteristics of high-performance workplaces and organizations.

To outdo the competition out there in today's economic state, each organization must stand out somehow using positive, unique approaches. Many companies do this by incorporating High Performance Standards. Just how having High Performance Standards sets one apart from another will be discussed here, albeit briefly.

1. High performing organizations specifically focus on proper planning, staff performance, from the top management to those on the front line, and customer fulfillment. This focus can result in improved profits, and both employee and customer satisfaction.

2. Diversity, including acceptance of all cultures, people, religion and sexual preferencegoes hand in hand with High Performance Standards. Organizations allowing people to be individuals succeed better in today's marketplace than that of the more traditional organizations.

3. High Performance Standards include rewards staff who participate in helping strengthen the organization are a whole. Recognition awards come in different forms as many companies compensate monetarily giving cash bonuses while others reward with more tangible items like gift cards, merchandise or travel.

The aforementioned methods increase morale and allow for higher performance. The trick is keeping it going. Management will need to continually review what is happening within their organization and modify when necessary. This is good business practice and goes along with the regular maintenance needed to increase revenue.

Traditional vs. High Performance Organization

According VIP Innovations, there are many differences between Traditional and High Performance Organization. The following is just a few examples showcasing this information.

Traditional Organizations:

* Focused



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