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Ethics Article Review

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The article I chose about ethics was "Little Things Mean A Lot". In business ethics it is important that the organization complies with financial and laws regulations. These are always major concerns because there is such high visibility on it but the "little things" are what causes the problems.

For some business people, the little day-to-day things that seem insignificant or the behaviors that are forgotten are seem and watched by others. We all set the example even though we may not be boss. The behaviors we set put a big impact on the behaviors of those that we work around because we set the standard.

There are a few things that the article can be related to the weeks' readings, which are bookkeeping and financial statements. Reason being is that a lot of time when unethical behavior has taken place with accounting/financial issues it can be tracked via bookkeeping and the financial statements. It is important that company keep all their financial statements and record books so that if they needed to look up some information it will be able for them.

At my current job I have seen these kinds of issues arise and if we did not have our financial statements and proper bookkeeping my store would have lost a lot of money. For instance, there was a young lady who was working in our cash office and everyday our deposits would come up short. It was hard to detect who was taking the money because she was not the only one that worked in the cash office but after reviewing our financial statements and looking at our book records we realized there were only shortages whenever she worked.

Based on the article, my organization can improve by remembering that the "little things" and day-to-day things are the things that are normal and overlooked, which can cause problems. Setting the standard and maintaining ethical behavior at all times will have a huge impact on an organization because someone is always watching you whether you are the boss or not. One should



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