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Ethical Decision Making

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1. What are the ethical and legal issues?

The ethical issue is that Kent made a game includes a lot of violence and nudity. He knows that the game would be marketing sex, violence, and gambling; He also knows that the game he made would bring a bad effect on teenagers’ minds. When he talks to Brad about these, Brad tells him that the “Lucky” project is good but Kent needs do some changes. The legal issues are that Brad decided to sell “Lucky” project to another countries. Brad said that for Mexican market they would love it but take out a little of the violence and that Taiwanese loves it but wants more graphic in violence and nudity.

2. What are Kent’s options?

 Kent’s options are that the game has two directions: one is that if he wants to make the game more reality technology. The other one is that add nudity in the game. Kent doesn’t think that nudity is a good idea but his company also doesn’t have enough technology to do the first plan.

3. Discuss the acceptability and commercial use of sex, violence, and gambling in the Untied States.

For adults, use of sex, violence, and gambling is fine. And these TV shows also has its own marketing. For children and teenagers, they should keep away from these because these can bring a bad effect on their minds. Now every TV show has its level, like 14+, 18+. But if couldn’t keep children and teenagers away from ex, violence, and gambling. They still have chances to touch them.

4.Are marketing sexe, violence, and gambling acceptable in other countries if they fit in their culture?

Many other countries are more lenient on what's acceptable and what's not. In Japan, sex is considered a normal part of life, and many children’s' TV shows and comics use perversion and nudity in comic relief. In Australia, TV shows are allowed to show vagina, anus, breasts, and flaccid penis unblocked. In Israel and Iran, many children are exposed to violence on a daily basis, so it's not a big deal to show it on TV. How to make sure that the children and teenagers keep away from these is a big problem.



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