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An Essay Analysis of Philip Longmans' "The Health of Nations"

Philips Longman wrote an essay, "The Health of Nations," critically looking at the American health care system. He begins his essay with financial figures in the United States and Costa Rica and how much we spend on each person per year for medical coverage. United States spend about $4500 on per person while Costa Rica spends about $273 per person. Throughout the essay, Longman compares the United States with other countries such as Costa Rica. Also, he suggests that we should engage in more activity and exercise, prolonging our lives and improving our health. He comes up with more approachable plans for health coverage. " This may sound radical, and it is. But the more Americans learn about the costs and failings of contemporary medicine and the extraordinary benefits they can reap from simple behavioral changes like exercising, the more such plans will begin to make sense."

Longman did a great job at the beginning of his essay with his attention getter by giving the facts on United States and Costa Rica's medical expense per person. It really sets the tone of the essay. In his essay, it is very obvious that he did he research. He chose to bring in a lot of facts about the health care in our country. He also tied in facts about other countries health care plans and how much they spend or don't spend compared to United States. I like that he didn't use his opinions all over the place because I found that it was easier to believe all these facts and examples. He thoroughly went through all the information he needed to get across in his essay. I like how he tied in different sections such as clean living and Domino's Theory. I couldn't agree with Longman any more. We wouldn't have to spend as much as we are now if the population would engage in more exercising and in turn would



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