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Equity In The Workplace

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Equity in the Workplace

Employment, Inc is committed to a policy, as stated by the Federal Employment Equity, of achieving equality in the workplace so that no person is denied employment opportunities, pay or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability. Employment, Inc is therefore committed to equal employment opportunities, as stated by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, for all applicants and employees without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability or any other unlawful grounds. In order to ensure an equitable workplace, Employment, Inc abides by a number of objectives as required by law. These objectives consist of::Workforce Survey - a collection of data on existing employees and determine those that fall into one of the designated categories.

Workforce Analysis - compares the levels of representation of the designated groups on staff to representation numbers in the general population from which the company hires and record any gaps that might exist.

Employment System Review - determines potential barriers to hiring, promotion and retention of employees from the designated groups, particularly where gaps exist.

Elimination of Barriers- puts short-term measures in place to remove systemic barriers that exist as identified in the Employment System Review.

Accommodation - puts measures in place that allow employees to request special consideration, up to the point of undue hardship to the company, to accommodate physical accessibility issues.

Positive Policies and Practices - ensures employment equity goals are met. The policies are aimed at improving opportunities for under-represented groups.

Hiring and Promotions Goals - addresses areas where under-representation exists for designated groups.

Monitoring, Review and Revision of Plan - ensures that it remains current. In addition, the monitoring process is backed up by full managerial accountability for the success of the plan.

Provision of Information - keeps employees and prospective employees aware of Employment, Inc's Employment Equity initiatives.

Consultation - seeks input from employee groups on the development, implementation and revision of our Employment Equity plan.

Maintenance of Records - ensures all Employment Equity records are maintained in a secure fashion to ensure strictest confidentiality.

In order to achieve the objectives listed, Employment, Inc has taken on a number of initiatives including:

Completion of Workforce Surveys and Analysis

Completion of Employment System Review and ongoing exploration of additional barriers for specific designated groups

Continual work to remove physical and attitudinal barriers through: Management and employee sensitivity and diversity training, anti-harassment training and other educational initiatives

Development of a comprehensive Accommodation Policy. The company will make every effort to accommodate the special needs of employees and those looking for employment opportunities. Employment, Inc recognizes its requirement as an employer, to provide accommodation in employment unless it is impossible to do so due to undue hardship. Employment, Inc will achieve this by creating and maintaining an accessible, non-discriminatory and inclusive environment, ensuring that all policies, practices, procedures, work arrangements, or facilities are free of discriminatory barriers.

Identifying and responding to the individual accommodation needs of current and potential employees in a timely, confidential, sensitive and effective manner where the specific needs of an employee have not been addressed, or are being denied by a policy, rule or practice of Employment, Inc.

The Company has a requirement to advise employees and applicants



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