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Entering the World with Opened Eyes

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Essay Preview: Entering the World with Opened Eyes

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Pedro Rubio

English 2

Professor Cobene

Essay 1: Entering the World with Opened Eyes

February 5, 2015

The mind of a child, where there is imagination beyond the real world. When it comes to kids, they learn rapidly. What kids usually see or hear, they tend to remember for a long time. It is easier to learn at a young age because of not having too many things on their mind but the thing going on in front of them.  The way for parents can do for their kids at a young age is to get them books, and not any ordinary fictional book but a book that can have real life events and/or situations. It is an easier way to show the kids through books about many different things. Kids can learn a lot from books. It can open kids eyes and have a big imagination after reading and seeing the evnts on books. There are many different places to get a book from especially for kids. Depending on life situations and things a parent might want kids to learn about in books, there are many different kinds of books. When raising a child at times parents can leave minor things out like when life situations. Books can help a child behavior and just learn about the world outside of school and home.

The book of The secret of Terror Castle can have a different way to show the world to a child in a different perspective, but it is a good book for a child to learn from. The main character named Bob has a very smart friend named Jupiter Jones that helps

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him when he needs someone to find something or find sometype of solution. There was once that Bob’s mother had lost her diamond ring and Jupiter had to come to the

house and asked her exatcly every move she had made the day she lost the ring. Then he somehow found out where it can be. He then found the ring behind a row of bottled tomato pickles. Jupitar also found out she had taken it off and put it there while she was sterilising the jars. The message from this kids can get is not only have friends that are super smart like Jupitar but also that not to ever give up on something you cant find a way but to look a couple steps back and remember what the things you did. Instead of going back and going through the whole house or where you think it is. Usually where you least expect it things that you can’t find you find your things.

As for these types of book it also has its negative impact for kids but for the most part it can still help kids on under going problems in life that could also help kids over come the problems. Books like this can also help kids choose their friends wisely. The character in this book named Bob had two friends that helped him with things he needed help on.  Especially his fronds Jupiter, which helped him even with situations at home.  This book was well build for kids to get a message especially on life. The lessons that kids can get from this book is easy. If you have trouble with Something Don't give up. For adults to get a message from this books not only hard because of it being a children book and being at a older age that is harder to think and process in your mind what messages are bien shown but because of the books main reason,can be problems of events that has happened in their past. This book may also have imaginary

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In the book The Mystery of The Ghost there are also a couple good reads for a child. The books main event is about a ghost in a home that a group of friends are trying to learn more about. The facts and information they find was more than they expected but also what they were trying to get from the research. There was also a treasure from the ghost that they were trying to find that later on they do after all the research and hints they find in the house. They do a bunch of research on the ghost that they find out more about it. Newspaper articles help them the most. Kids usually don't read newspaper let alone don't read about current events. So for a book that applies kids doing all the researching and all that teaches the readers to do so. That's the main reason for kids not looking forward to knowing about what is going on with the world because of schools and patents aren't provided newspaper and other resources on current events. As a kid to read about another kid doing all the researching and all that can get them interested in knowing about the world.

As I was growing up I read The Magic Tree House books, they were my favorite. Even though these are non-fiction books with a lot of imagination they went back in time so in a way it was all real life events. The books are about a 8 yeard old boy named Jack and his sister of 7 named Annie going to different time of the world. They went back in the time of dinosaurs and even back when there were knights and castles in a couple books. The problems that they had to go through can happen even in this life time. The first book was about going back in the dinosaur years and they go through an adeventure losing



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