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Enjoy the City Life

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Enjoy the city life

Contrast on past decade, nowadays, an increasing number of people are beginning move back to the countryside instead of crammed into the city for living desperately. There is no denying the fact that the environment of countryside is much better than the city and its fit for the people who want to seek peace and quite. But the way I see it, I prefer to living in the city.

 As a mainly terminal to a country, city plays an essential role to convenient citizen. Living in the city is much convenient than countryside. We get necessaries in short time, we go to work by the convenient transportation. We travel another city or country just take a cab for twenty minutes instead of take coach which spend two or more hours. Secondly, for most person, we always need some great opportunities for make promotion in our life. There are numerous opportunities in the city and it rich our life because the city brings many different kinds of talents together. On the contrary, the construct of countryside more inclined to build a peace and quite society and there are much less collision of opportunity than city. Thirdly, when it come to the public service, the countryside’s is far from the city’s and the public service of city is much benefits great to urban residents.

  Although many people claim that living in the countryside is healthier, the present leads me believe that living in the city is more comfort and enjoy.



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