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English 11 Type - Coming of Age

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English 11 CP


Coming of Age

Montana of 1948 is a story about a family tragedy. Davy is the main character and narrator of this book. He is still maturing during the summer of 1948 in Montana. Considered to be a young adult, Davy believes he should be treated as an adult completely even if he is not. “Neither smiled or gave any sign of recognition.” (60). During the summer, he starts get features and feelings like an adult does. He realizes that some feelings you get as you grow may not be that peaceful.

It started with Frank talking to Davy like an adult. This respect that he gave to Davy was nice because now Davy felt like he belonged with the adults. At the same time Davy’s dad Wes did not think Davy was mature yet and still viewed him as a boy. “My father nodded in my direction, ‘Not in front of the boy.’.” (39). To Davy this shows that Frank was trying to treat Davy like a young adult but Wes was getting in the way of Davy’s maturing.

One day Davy wanted to follow his dad to the reservation. He did this because he knew he was gonna stop to talk to Ollie young bear. This man was a well respected indian and Wes was going to talk to him about Mary Little Soldier. So Davy, being nosy, wanted to see what they were talking about. He also wanted to go up to the two men so he could try to have a conversation like another adult. Wes turned him down and made small talk with Davy to get him away as if he did not belong. “What can i do for you David?”(61) and “You need some money?”(61) were things Wes said to get Davy to leave. Davy was still being viewed as young between the adults in his town.

When Davy saw Loretta Waterman coming home from the grocery, he felt something he was not used to. He wondered if Loretta ever went to Uncle Frank and if he did things to her. But he felt sexually aroused at that



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