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Eng101 - Homework Is Useless

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Essay Preview: Eng101 - Homework Is Useless

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Kaniwar Mahmoud

ENG 101- Argument, Sec 6

Assignment #4

Dec 9th, 2018

Ms. Alka

Homework is Useless

        Homework is a crucial part of being fruitful inside and outside of the classroom; however, a lot of it can have the contrary impact, and students who are spending too much energy and time on homework are not always ready to find different needs in their life such as being physically and socially active. Furthermore, most teachers deal with students as an active machine without stopping, and students can work long hours in class such as sit and listen to what teachers say, understand all the information they provide. Not only that, they can do much homework immediately when they return home. For example, if a student has six subjects in a single semester, he will have a burden when he returns home with six homework assignments as well he has to go sleep to wake up early to go to the school or university. This complex circle which cannot be solved make the students do homework under any circumstance happen with them. A large percentage of the parents and teachers feel that the homework is not harmful to their children or students. Instead, they force their children immediately after they return home from school to sit and finish all the homework that is required to them finished it.  Parents and teachers believe that this homework is helping their students to be successful and get a high grade in their class. However, homework is not as useful as they think because it impacts on students' social life, health, and grades.

        Homework does not help students' life more than it affects their life. Social time and extracurricular activities make students to refresh their bodies and minds, but students who have a lot of homework do not have time to spend with their friends and families so that this can make them to feel isolated and do not have any supporter in their life. According to Winch, Ph.D. at the Psychology Today stated that more than sixty percent of Students who spend a lot of time doing homework are isolated from social networks (Winch). Furthermore, students who do not have time to relax and socialize are increasingly stressed, so this impacts their life at school and home. Also, doing homework will lead you to the life of none-having friends unlike some teachers say that doing homework especially with friends will allow you to have more friendships with new people. For example, while your friends are enjoying their time and call you to come to enjoy with them, then you rejected to go because you have homework. Consequently, they will not call you again and they will limit their friendship with you because you always say I have to do homework. Unlike having a lot of friends, you will get in the circle of isolating and non-having any friends or people who support you in the life.

        Unlike having a good health and being happy in the life, homework hurts students' health. For example, when students are given homework at the same time as they have exams or quizzes, they become overwhelming stressful, and they do not know what they should do during this short time. According to Oxford Learning website stated that more than 56% of students found that homework is the sources of being stressful (Oxford Learning).  Furthermore, Students will not have the ability to bear all of this homework because their brain cannot focus on many things at the same time, so students will be under the situation of having lack of sleep, exhaustion, headaches and weight loss. Also, homework can affect students' health physically by spending hour and hour in setting and solving their complex homework such as solving the Math's homework. Teachers do not know that if each one of them gave one homework to a student, at the end of school time he will have a massive numbers of homework. Consequently, he will feel pain in their necks and backs during doing his homework. According to Dr. Dambekodi, a doctor and writer at The Economic Time newspaper," Sitting for long hours can lead to postural problems like disc damage, strained neck and swayed back in the long run"(Dambekodi). At these points, teachers must stop giving homework if they know that it is harmful on students' health more than it is useful.

        Most teachers believe that doing homework will increase students' grades. However, it will not increase their grades because it takes a lot of time, so students will depend on another member of their family in completing their homework. For example, when students had a fully day of learning in class, they become burn out because they have a lot of homework, so they will become careless and lazy about their study. As a result, the benefits of doing homework will be lost, and their grades will start to slip. According to neuropsychologist Dr. Luck, who are a Dr. and journalist at Psychology Today, "a student with an executive functioning disorder will have a tough time in school"(Dr. Luck). This means that students are disorganized and careless about their grades when a teacher gave them too much of homework such us long-term project which is the biggest challenge for students. Also, if each instructor gives students at least homework, then at the end of the week they will have a massive amount of assignments so that students will not be able to do all of them. Consequently, they have to ignore some of them, and this will lead to get a zero in the other class and decrease their grades. So, is this the purpose of doing homework? Why teachers should give them homework if they know that it will take a long time to just doing one of them.



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