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Enc 1101 - Descriptive Essay on High School Years

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Essay Preview: Enc 1101 - Descriptive Essay on High School Years

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Emani St. Ange

Professor Smith

Enc 1101

Descriptive/Narrative Essay

14 February 2018

        In every adolescence life, their high school years are supposed be a fun and eventful time.  There are after school hangouts with friends, parties, and school games with living stress free and bill free for most. All combined, making high school the most memorable time of every teenage years of being in school before transitioning into adulthood. However, my high school experience took an uneventful turn my senior year. My careless ways had to end all fun and games and instead supplanted a new wave of responsibilities. I found out I was pregnant and immediately became that girl that everyone talked about. I knew that being a teenage parent could either make me or break me if I let it. Being pregnant in high school changed me for the best. I was able to graduate, learn to prioritize, and am more motivated than ever before

        I remember it all like it was yesterday. I could feel the off white walls staring back at me as I sat there trembling on the cold, metal examination table. “Everything's going to be okay,” my boyfriend said to me as he supportively held my hand while we waited. The words, “you’re pregnant,” were the last thing i wanted to hear as a seventeen year old girl that day. My eyes began to burn, tears running down my face, snot came, and I found it hard to breathe. Immediately I felt sick and wanted throw up. My thoughts tugged back and forth at my conscience but I knew abortion wasn't an option because of my religious beliefs. How was I going to tell my parents, my grandmother. It was approaching the end of my senior year of high school, and I was barely meeting the requirements needed to walk that stage. At that moment adulthood hit me like bag of rocks and I knew I had to get myself together and fast. I left the doctors office with a hefty load of books and papers of tips and directions on how to handle ones first pregnancy. Holding my head down, I dragged foot across the frigid marble tile as I walked down the hallway to my room. I locked myself away in the dark and didn't want to me bothered the same day. Later on that night, I called my grandmother and explained to her that I had to tell her something. “You’re pregnant,” is what she guessed before I could even spill it to her. My grandmother and my mother let me know that everything was going to be okay and she would be behind me every step of the way.



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