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Employee Engagement

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1. Employee engagement is so important because it can impact one organization in my ways. If the employee engagement is bad in one company it can make huge profit loss as well as large amount of accidents and mistakes within the organization. Employees do not have sincerity for the company, they will only work for their benefits. If there is a group of disengaged employees they can destroy the entire work culture in an organization. Most of the disengaged employees will be one who had some issues with the organization in terms of ethical standards or any other work issues. It can be either the problem with the organization or the mentality of employees. Making employees more engaged is important because in terms of ethics, organization work culture will improve and there won't be any ethical issues between the employees. The ethical values will increase and it will lead to the prosperity of the company. Engaged employees will try to make their company reap more benefits. They will be so energetic to work.

2. If the organization work culture is good, there will be less number of disengaged employees. The culture of an organization is shaped by the higher officials of the organization. So the managers and other members in the firm who have direct involvement in the employee relation should try to build up a good work culture. The rules and regulations should be more appealing for the employees. And they should find time to hear employee grievances and concerns. If there are more number of disengaged employees that means the organizations ethical values are not fair enough. More disengaged employees can ruin the organization name and it can adversely affect the productivity also. So managers should be vigilant about this situation and should take appropriate measures to make employees more satisfied and engaged. If the managers are putting too much pressure on employees then there will be disengagement of employees. If the company is driven by ethical standards then most of the employees will be engaged with their organization.



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