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What is known as the "Midterm Election" is an election that started on November 7th, 2006 and finally concluded on November 9th, 2006. The night of the election and early the next morning, the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, picking up between 28 and 36 seats. All of the 435 seats in the House were up for elections. The Senate although still had 33 of the 100 seats being contested up until that Thursday. The key to the Democrat's win in the Senate was the state of Virginia in which they conquered with a win from Democratic candidate Jim Webb. The final count of the Senate stands at 51-49 in favor of the Democrats.

While looking at the predictions from on November 1st, the projected new House was 239 Democrats, 195 Republicans, and 1 Tie. That weekend on Sunday, November 5th the projected New House, according to the same website, added one vote to the Republicans making it 239 Democrats and 196 Republicans. By early Wednesday, Democrats had won 227 seats, enough for control, and were leading for another 5, which would give them 232. Republicans, who hold 229 seats in the current House, won 191 and were leading in another 12, which would give them 203. The number needed for majority pole is 218 seats and the Democrats clearly reached it and took charge. In addition to the excitement, California Republican Nancy Pelosi will become first female Speaker of the House.

The Senate, on the other hand, was not a smooth ride like the House election. The Democrats needed 51 seats to take control of the Senate because the Vice President of the United States (a Republican) would break a 50-50 tie in favor of the Republicans. After an exhausting couple of days and a close eye on key races in Connecticut (I), Maryland (D), Michigan (D), Minnesota (D), Missouri (D), Montana (D), New Jersey (D), New York (D), Ohio (D), Pennsylvania (D), Rhode Island (D), Tennessee (R), Virginia (D), and Washington (D) the democrats



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