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Effects Of Humans On Bears Natural Environments

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Essay Preview: Effects Of Humans On Bears Natural Environments

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It seems that people that don't have basic knowledge about animals can do more harm than they intend. In this particular event, the town of Ocean Falls did not realize that the food they left out for the bears was in fact not helping them, but hurting them. Bringing the bears to rely on humans for food would accustom the animals to receiving their necessities from the humans. When a local store owner would regularly leave rotting produce outside the back of his shop the bear would become accustomed to eating in that spot with no need for hunting for food. If one night came that food was not left out, the bear would, by instinct, go to where he thought the food was thus tearing apart the building looking for it.

This also put the citizens in a tight spot. If they didn't leave food out as they had been, would their property be destroyed by a bear in search of food? Most would hope not, however but because of the people's actions, it was bound to happen. The people did not want the bear to be shot for what they had done to it, but because of its accidental intentions, it had to be taken out. Maybe the locals felt sympathetic for the bear, because he knew no better. Either way it was too late to teach the bear how to behave in its natural manner; it was now a danger to humans, so it must be killed.

Because of the way that humans had been treating it, it was at no fault to the ways of life; however the Canadian Police knew what was bound to happen. If the bear was not continuously fed, it would do what it takes to those that used to feed it (humans) until it got the food that it fought for. At that time, though, the bear would only act its natural ways around its usual food source. This was a red-flag for many possible attacks on the locals by the newly accustomed bears.

The overall issue was that although the intentions of the people were good, they became harmful to the bears natural behavior. But if a person does not know that,



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