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Effective Use Of Transport Network In Supply Chain In Raben Polska

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Essay Preview: Effective Use Of Transport Network In Supply Chain In Raben Polska

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There are various solutions used in the supply chain in the market of logistics services. Companies use them according to their infrastructure and resources which can be invested. The expectations of Customers are growing and more and more is being required from the logistics operator. In the last 20 years the understanding of the term 'logistics' has changed. In order to improve or increase the range of sales, some companies - the Customers of logistics operators - have copied or slightly modified solutions used in other parts of the world. At first the Customers in Poland did not trust the idea of outsourcing. This situation has gradually stabilized and outsourcing of logistics services to an outside organization is more and more common.

Nowadays the availability of goods and time of delivery are extremely important for many enterprises. 24h-deliveries, advice notes and time windows (especially in case of retail chains) as well as deliveries and pick-ups on designated days, also on weekends, have become a standard. The requirements that operators have to meet are becoming stricter. For many Customers, the simple service of transporting goods from point A to point B is not enough. An operator, such as Raben Polska, is expected not only to deal with additional tasks and functions, but also to provide IT solutions which will allow the consignor to track and trace the consignment route. Requirements concerning the pro-active approach and offering new solutions facilitate the creation of a more optimized supply chain which, in effect, may reduce costs or change the cost structure.

Contemporary logistics standards are established by many market players: retail chains, producers and distributors, importers and exporters, and, to a large extent, by logistics companies which are trying to improve their services and implement various convenient innovations for their Customers. For some, an acceptable transport solution is e.g. delivery two times per week. Those Customers may react to the needs of the market in a different way and they are willing to use the services of companies with a limited number of terminals. They do no mind if they must negotiate new times and conditions of delivery with the consignee or that sometimes the size of the shipment may be subject to certain limitations.

However, it often happens that Customers of certain companies - for example in the FMCG sector - cannot and do not want



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