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Educational Philosophy

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My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy includes my beliefs on education and students. I believe the purposes of education and schooling are to better our children and future adults. This will help the children become sophisticated adults. Those adults can then have good jobs and better our nation. I will use this to explain to the students the importance of learning.

I think children learn by seeing, hearing and doing. I think children learn from watching others. They can learn from seeing an example. Children learn from hearing, such as having the example explained out loud. Explaining to the students the process of how to do an activity helps them understand by hearing and seeing the teacher work the problem. Children also learn from doing. So this means actually working problems themselves. I believe children learn best when all this happens while trying to learn an activity. It also helps children learn if their parents are involved in the school or help with their homework. Parents staying informed will also benefit the children.

As a teacher my role in the classroom will be to teach students. The teacher should care about the students. The teacher should understand each student’s learning abilities. Then work to assist them with learning. The teacher should create lessons that follow the goals of the class. The teacher should listen to what the students have to say or their opinions. Teaching should also involve assisting and teaching the students. The students should feel comfortable talking with the teacher about their home life or personal issues.

As a teacher my role in the school will be to be a good employee by not being late. A good employee also follows the code of ethics and rules of the school. The teacher should be involved in other activities at the school. Teachers should support co-workers by not gossiping. They should assist co-workers when needed. I will follow the teaching standards.

As a teacher my role in the community will be to



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