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I can not wait to finish college and begin baking my economic cake. Everyday you here about someone making it big in the stock market, some one winning the lotto jackpot or some idiot cleaning out some other idiot in court. There is only one thing that those people have that I want, and it's money. I've learned at a very early age the value of the "all mighty buck". I grew up in a poor single mother home, and when I saw all the kids with cool toys, and I had squat, I realized that if I want something I have to get it for myself. I had my first job at age five, but I also had the toys I wanted too. The world revolves around money, just a pure and simple fact. There is plenty of money out there and I want more than my share of it. If money was a drug then call me a junky, I'm addicted to money like a welfare cheat is addicted to crack. I've also learned at an early age that you're not going to make any money with out a college education.

In high school I never planned on going to college because my parents didn't have money, and after high school I had to fend for myself. I bounced around from low paying job to low paying job. At age 19 I got a dishwashing job at this figure skating camp that was owned by the same people who owned the hockey rink where I played at for the last 9 years. The only reason I got the job was because the staff knew me from the other rink and had basically watched me grow up, I was there so often. It was a seasonal job just for the summer. In that summer I learned about hard work and what kind of stuff it takes to be a hard worker. I worked so hard there, the boss gave me more and more hours until I was full time. By the end of that summer I was considered one of the hardest workers there. Well out of everyone in the kitchen staff, I was the only one offered another job at ice rink. Sure it was only for a snack bar attendant, but at least it was a little more money and responsibility. Now continuing with my ethics of hard work and doing the best job possible, I advanced again and again. By the time I was 21, I was able to perform almost every task and operation to run an ice rink. If I was the only person to show up for work, we could still stay open for business. I didn't start college until I was 20 and making enough money to pay for it, although I did have to cut some working hours. At age 21 I had advanced as far as I could, because I didn't have a college degree. The corporation that had taken over the rink during my time there did not have non-college students as operations or general manager. They required that their managers be educated in business. Right then I knew without that degree I would be another Joe average with Joe average pay. That is when I started detailing my directions into the business world.

I started taking college classes when I was 20, mainly because I was interested in earning an AA degree. I had not decided on a major and was just planning on taking all the required general education classes. Now knowing I need something more, I decided to take college to that next level. I enrolled in the honors program, that way getting into a university would be a lot easier. I also concentrated on my GPA, trying to keep as high of an average as possible with giving myself time to work and make some cash. I had to ask myself "where is all the money at, and what carrier will get me that money?" Well I've always had a good head for business, and I know that I can take control and lead a situation into positive results. That is when I decided I was going to major in Business Administration, with emphasis on operation management.

Well since then I have obtained my AA degree with honors designation and was accepted to UC Davis and California State University of Sacramento. I decided on CSU Sacramento, where I attended last semester. This semester due to circumstances out of my control I am living back here in southern California, but I am taking 12 units of on-line courses at CSUS. I found that business does interest me, but I really have a strong understanding of economics. My major now is economics with a double minor in government and environmental science. That is the final plan I am going to stick with.

The way I look at it is, there will always be an economy, the make up of an economy depends on consumers, business, net exports (exports - imports) and my minor government. I'm taking a minor in environmental science because our environment is going to shit and there is high demand for environmental economist. Also I am taking an extra program that will give me credentials to teach economics K-12 as a back up plan. I would really like a professional job as micro-economist for a large corporation.

During the course of my life I would like to own a business myself, but for right now I want to get my feet wet first. I want to be part of a corporation long enough to where I understand all the needs and demands it takes to run a successful business. For me the time I spent working at the ice rink was a valuable experience. I knew most everything it takes to run an ice rink, through working all the various jobs and climbing the promotion ladder. Now if I want to start my own business and build an ice rink, I would be much more successful then if I just went through



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