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Essay Preview: Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is a really misunderstood problem that people have. Dyslexia will really tamper with the learning in people's lives. With this disability people like myself have hard time comprehending things because we don't know if we are reading them correctly so we are always seconding guessing what we read. It is a beatable problem that many people have beat and became very successful in life.

There are ways to figure out if your child or yourself has dyslexia. The person that might have dyslexia has an average or above average IQ (for the most part) and they are reading at a 1 Ð... grade level below them. Dyslexia usually only affect 3 to 6 percent of the nation, but in some area it does affects 50 percent of the people. Sometimes this disorder is hard to diagnose because some people are taught improperly how to read and then they won't know if they are dyslexic or if they just don't know how to read. Most of the symptoms that are looked for in dyslexia are:

* Letter or word reversals when reading. (Such as was/saw, b/d, p/q).

* Letter or word reversals when writing.

* Difficulty repeating what is said to them.

* Poor handwriting or printing ability.

* Poor drawing ability.

* Reversing letters or words when spelling words that are presented orally.

* Difficulty comprehending written or spoken directions.

* Difficulty with right - left directionality.

* Difficulty understanding or remembering what is said to them.

* Difficulty understanding or remembering what they have just read.

* Difficulty putting their thoughts on paper.

None of these problems have anything to do with the hearing or the vision of the child. All these problems have everything to due with the brain; the lower centers of the brain are what are wrong they just aren't working properly. The lower part of the brain is scrambling images, sounds, and word before they get the more intelligent part of the brain (higher). Due to the scrambling of what they see or hear the person is confused with what is going on. But there are things that can be don't to figure out if they really have the problem.

A comprehensive neurodevelopment exam can be done to figure out how sever of dyslexia the person really has. This exam includes testing the academic achievement, intelligence, auditory perception, visual perception, coordination, neurological development, hearing, and vision. Not all of these problems can be helped with exercises but some can be easily helped with easy exercises. Perception problems are what can be easily helped with simple exercises which can improve specific problems



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