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Dying of Diseases in Children and Infants

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Essay Preview: Dying of Diseases in Children and Infants

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I find it extremely stupid that children and infants are still dying of diseases that are preventable. It’s just ridiculous that parents are still able to choose to put their young at risk of diseases such as measles and tetanus, these diseases can have devastating effects to children such as permanent damage or even death. This is a responsibility that is too great to leave on uninformed parents and the government needs to make vaccinations mandatory

And you might think well if they want to risk their children it should be their choice well it’s not only their children their risking, vaccines provide immunity from disease to most, but not all, some people don’t develop immunity despite being vaccinated, and others can’t be vaccinated for reasons such as age, because of allergies, or because their immune system is compromised in some way. These people rely on the rest of us to be vaccinated to keep the disease out of the community and Because of parents selfishly deciding not to vaccinate their children, kids around them are still at risk

Now do you want to know why people disagree with vaccines, why parents decide to put their children and other people’s children at risk. I’ll tell you why, a single rogue doctor started the idea that vaccinations cause autism, Dr Wakefeild who had he’s own personal agenda tried to prove that vaccines caused autism, he was proved a liar, but not before he had done great harm to public health by generating an unfounded fear and distrust in vaccines. Vaccines while always carry some risk are very safe and every vaccine has passed the strict safety testing before the Therapeutic Goods Administration will register it for use. This process can take up to 10 years.

Before vaccines become available to the public, they are tested on thousands of people who take part in large clinical trials. There has also been High quality studies over many years have compared the health of large numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Medical information from nearly 1.5 million children living around the world was able to confirm that vaccination does not cause autism.

If you want to accuse vaccinations of causing autism then get some solid facts and no, just because the rate of autism is increasing doesn’t mean u can blame it on vaccines, do u not realize the sheer amount of factors that could be causing autism in children, such as radiation and even just what passes as autism in children these days. yet with no proof to back it up your blaming vaccinations. I say if u want facts, have a look at the wonders vaccines are working. In the decade before a vaccine became available for measles, nearly all children in the US got measles by the time they were 15 years of age. each year, among reported cases, an estimated 400 to 500 people died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and 1,000 suffered encephalitis (swelling of the brain) now there are almost no severe cases of the treacherous disease    

Most of the people choosing to not vaccinate their children don’t know the first thing about how vaccines work. Vaccines use dead or severely weakened viruses to trick our bodies into thinking we have already had the disease. When you get a vaccine, your immune system responds to these weakened ‘invaders’ and creates antibodies to protect you against future infection. It has special ‘memory’ cells that remember and recognize specific germs or viruses. Vaccines strengthen your immune system by training it to recognize and fight against specific germs.

When you come across that virus in the future, your immune system rapidly produces antibodies to destroy it. In some cases, you may still get a less serious form of the illness, but you are protected from the most dangerous effects. Vaccinations is just triggering a natural function of the body.

Australia is recognizing that anti vaccinations is dangerous and are putting in procedures such as no jab no play, which allows early childcare to refuse children who do not meet the vaccination requirements for the protection of the other young children in their care, this is already active in some states and territories of Australia. Not only are adults realizing the dangers of anti-vax but so are the poor non- vaccinated kids who are taking matters into their own hands and going and getting vaccinated once they turn 18 such as Ethan Lindenberger who was made famous after deciding against he’s anti vax mother and starting a redit thread asking how to go about getting vaccinated once 18

Ok just in case there are still some of you who believe that vaccinations cause autism think of the big picture, vaccination might cause autism in your child it’s a risk to you, do u realize that not vaccinating your child is even more of a risk, imagine your child getting infected with polio (picture) now I ask you you’re not willing to risk your child supposedly getting autism but you’re willing to risk your child becoming disabled like this or even worse your child dying from a disease that was free for you to prevent.

Choosing to vaccinate the children of Australia should not be a decision left to parents who as evidence shows are still making the wrong decision vaccinations need to be made mandatory to help protect our future.    

Statement of Intention

Overall aim: to convince people that vaccinations needs to be made mandatory

Tone: angry, mocking

Pic 1:  is to be shown while im talking about how stupid it is that children still dying of preventable diseases, it is to mock anti vax movement so that the opposing idea to me just seems silly



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