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Dungeons and Dragons

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Essay Preview: Dungeons and Dragons

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The first day was among one of the worst, It was hard to survive through it. The first sound we heard had a loud thundering sound to it that terrified everyone to there core when I ran outside there was know one to be found. Everybody had disappeared, all there is, Me and a terrible and horrifying creatures. I ran for my life as they were following me. I saw a place I could hide out so I lost the creatures and took my chance, I sprinted to the building I saw and slept for the night.

The next day I left to go find food and water, And at that moment I knew that I had to fight for my survival. A few days later nothing has gone after me, So I figured I was alone in the area. The last time I have seen another living person was almost two weeks ago. I still look for more survivors, even though I thought I might be the only living human left on the planet. I still have no idea what caused this terrible disaster.

On January 26th of 2556 I had found weapons to protect myself with against the creatures that l had been running from for at least one month. I don’t know exactly how strong they are yet, But I have seen different looks to them, But that means there might be stronger ones in the city. I have not made contact with any other human for a while, And I’m not sure how much longer  I can survive. If I don’t find more food and water I might not be able have the energy to look for anything.

I’VE DON IT I HAVE MADE CONTACT, I found more survivors they are on the other side of the city, Its going to be hard to reach them, I might not be able help them yet. I have to rest and find more food and ammo for the trip, Its going to be hard, but I going to them. The first day on the trip has be gone, But this is a big city its going to take me a while to get there. I have to travel at least five hours a day. I have slept for at least six hours, I have slept in, I should have left two hours ago.



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