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Duke And The American Tobacco Company

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Duke and the American Tobacco Company

1. What were the most significant strategic steps of a Company?

There are several significant strategic steps of the American Tobacco Company. These steps consist of the company’s mission, external and internal environmental analysis, goal and strategy formulation, implementation, Continuous feedback and overall control of all the processes. The case study of James Buchanan Duke identifies each and every process and implemented them with a lot of hard work.

2. What were the most important benefits of a company’s activities for the society? What were the costs to society?

Every company’s activities that lead it to success doors is some how beneficial for the society as these activities not only opens the doors of employment in the society as well as provide a technological growth. The term that is normally used for refereeing the responsibilities of a business towards the society is known as Social Responsibility (Steiner & Steiner, 2005). Social responsibility is a tool for companies to build sales, develop the workforce, boost enthusiasm and innovation, enhance trust in an enterprise and increase a company’s reputation and standing. It also helps the company to pursue responsible business practices that makes a company more competitive.

3. Was the business always legal?

The whole process that American Tobacco Company has adopted to succeed is a legal process. James Buchanan Duke has used different approaches to expand his business. In the case study, it has been proved that Duke is an intelligent business man that has a complete grip over implementing new ideas and introducing innovations to his business. He has shown a power to take risks as well as showed the right way to tackle pre existing risks.

4. Was



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