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Dry A Memior And Alcoholism

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Essay Preview: Dry A Memior And Alcoholism

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Throughout the book I could not find any evidence to support the theory that

Augusten's alcohol habit was linked to genetics. I believe his case of substance abuse

was enhanced by the fact that he often witnessed his father drinking. Augusten lacked the

necessary resources to deal with the amount of problems he was confronted with. Alcohol

provided him the temporary relief that he so desperately needed. I believe that in

Augusten's case if it wasn't alcohol then he probably would have turned to another form

of substance to abuse.

Augusten turned to drugs because he felt after consuming alcohol he was better

able to deal with his world. He did this on a regular basis which later turned to be a

normal routine. As a result Augusten's alcohol intake rapidly elevated. Initially this

behavior seemed to be acceptable because as a child this is what he witnessed. During

Augusten's childhood he witnessed his father consume alcohol on a regular basis. This

gave Augusten the misconception that it was ok for him to consume these high levels of


Augusten believed that his problems would all go away through his alcohol

consumption. The fact that he was molested at a young age is certainly enough for



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