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Drug Prohibition

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In our world day-by-day people start to use drug. This situation affects all our life.

Drug usage is very dangerous for people and our future. So drugs must be forbidden all our

the wold for our health and society. Some poeple say no because they believe; If drug usage is

forbidden users make more crime than now but I think they don't think deeply and their

children too. I believe this idea because drugs are dangerous to self. It's also bad for society

and It's effects ecenomy.

Drugs should be prohibited because drugs are unhealthily for the users' brain and

body. Day-by-day brain cells start to die and users' start to think slowly and unhealthily.

Acording to the website( titled Arguments for prohibition: The brain

damage associated with drug use is a result of regular use and generally cannot be avoided.

Accordingly users' lose weight, and get some psychologic problems. For example;

forgetfulness, depression, tremble. User start to argue his/her family or friends. If anybody

don't stop this situation maybe users' can die because of highdose of drug.

Drugs should be prohibited because using drug is also bad for society. Because the

drug users number increases, people cannot think healthily. So society can be affected

negatively. For example; streets cannot be safe. Generally drug users can make crime so

people cannot afraid of walking to the street. Therefore day-by-day crime rates get high.

"Many studies have been conducted concering the connection between drug addiction and property crime. One such study, conducted by Douglas Anglin and john Ball shows that the most addicted commit large number of crimes. "Crime rates seem to increase when their heroin use increases and to fall when it declines." Studied drug addicts in Baltimore committed crime (including the possession

of the drug as a crime) on an average of 255 days per year, during which time they were "actively taking heroin, they only committed crime on 65 days (Currie61). In general, it is estimated that 80% of property crime are committed in order to support a drug habit" (

In addition, these people want to gain new victim because children are open to learn new




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