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A dream is often seen as an aspiration. One may dream of becoming a sportsman, a firefighter or even a business tycoon. There are no limits to the word Dream. Everyone holds the right to dream and is free to dream of anything. Some work hard to achieve their dreams while others continue to be in the wonderful dream of theirs. Like every other teenager, I had a dream; it was a dream much different from the ordinary. While many dreamt of being successful in sports, academics or finance, I dreamt of helping others. Since young, I was taught the importance of give and take, what one have benefited from the society should be returned back when one has the ability to do so. My dream of becoming a social worker was based on this theory.

For the past 5 years or so, I had noticed the importance of a social worker. The recent Tsunami that wiped out some parts of Asia caused devastating consequences. The countries affected were greatly dependent on helps offered by the Red Cross Society, neighboring countries and the UN. It was a particular news report that caught my attention greatly. The news article featured a scene where many children were forced to become orphans, because their parents had unfortunately died from the disaster, leaving them behind. On a follow up of the news, it showed a volunteer team offering help at the place. They gave their emotional support to the poor children who had lost their parents.

Through this dreadful event, I had fully understood the importance of a social worker. I have seen how an ordinary person could bring back smiles to an orphan, giving him hope by showing the utmost care and concern they can. This had given me the encouragement and strength needed to fulfill this childhood dream of mine, to be a social worker, to help and to care for others.

Thus, by the age of fourteen, I had actively participated in CIP programs offered by the school, be it helping out at the welfare centers, old folks home or orphanage to visiting the homes of the elderly to help clean up their apartment. I believe by doing so, it will allow me sufficient experience in social work which



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