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Epistemology is basically the study of how we know things or how we obtain knowledge of something to justify it. There are many ways to obtain this knowledge. One way is to compare your perspective to

others whom have tried to justify their own beliefs. We demonstarted this in class when we gave our perspective on love, and compared our results with that of Robert burns ( who wrote a love poem, The Red, Red Rose),

and Zick rubins insight on love.

Categorization is important to all classification and knowledge. This is why we catergorized each perspectives on love into three seperate groups. The first group was our classes perspective on love and

what we considered love to be. The other group desciption of love came from reading Robert Burn's poem, The Red, Red Rose, and acknowledging his own perception of love . We also Read about Rubin

Zick and what he thought about love and what he did to find out what love really is by setting up different experiments and obervations to justify what love really was, or if it is love at all. By anaylzing the

similiarities that each group came up with, helps me understand love more clearly and justifies my feeling on love even more. After we came up with all the results from each group they were alomost similiar in

some ways such as love being very complex. Rubin Zick was one fo the first physcologist to set up experiments to determinhe whether it is love or just a strong liking towards someone that was mistaken for

love. Rubin knew that love was not a definite concept and is therefore difficult to measure. Rubin's scales of liking and loving offer a way to measure the complex feeling of love. He also came up with a

questionaire and gave it to people who claimed to be "in love" to find out what their feelings truly were. Rubins Experiments are examples of identifying and analyzing a belief to justify



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